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Next talk: Monday 13 March at 6:30pm
Speaker: Dr Peter Nolan
Topic: Six environmental issues that threaten the future of the planet and humans.

This month’s Scibar will concentrate of the science behind six environmental issues that threaten the future of our planet and the human race. Although the impacts of climate change take central stage in our national and international plans for a sustainable future, there are other concerns that could be of equal or greater importance to our survival. By looking at the ‘bigger picture’, the magnitude and complexity of prioritising our environmental strategies will be explored. Ideas for mitigating some of these issues might be forthcoming from a lively discussion

Having worked for the CEGB and Nuclear Electric as a Research Officer in a team that optimised the conditions inside gas-cooled nuclear reactors, Dr Peter Nolan went on to found his own Environmental Management Consultancy supporting business and industry in their progress towards sustainability. Since retiring he has pursued his interest in Science Outreach and local projects such as the Macclesfield SciBar and the science book club.

We hope to see you there. All feedback on the night very welcome.