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It’s back – SciBar at the Vale  will run as a trial in September and October to see how it goes.

Date: Monday 12th September at 6:30pm
Speaker: Dr Michael Buttery, Snr Scientist at ESR Technolgy
Topic: Tribology of Spacecraft Mechanisms: 48-Million Miles Without an Oil Change

Tribology is the science of friction and wear as applied to making sure that the moving parts onboard spacecraft are doing what they’re supposed to be doing.

Please note that the Vale Inn is a pub and therefore it is not possible to put a limit on numbers, anyone can come up to the fire safety limit. From previous Scibars, depending on the topic, SciBar can get very crowded. If it does start to feel uncomfortable for you, all we can suggest is to go out to the beer garden to finish your drink. Unfortunately we don’t have a way of broadcasting the talk out to the beer garden.

We hope to see you there. All feedback on the night very welcome.