Symbiosis: the microbiome and health

The next Bollington SciBar will be at The Vale Inn, Adlington Road, Bollington on Monday 10 May, beginning at 6.30 pm.  This will be a bang up-to-date topic of emerging science. The speaker is Dr Ian Wilson of Astrazeneca plc.

You probably know that our digestive tracts (that’s ‘guts’ to you and me) are teeming with a fantastic variety of bacteria.  These organisms are essential to help us digest our food and we are essential to give them a home.  That’s the ‘symbiosis’ bit.  Scientists are now beginning to understand a great deal more about how these bacteria affect our health.  Can it really be true that the presence of one species of bacterium controls what we eat?  “Did the bugs make me it eat?”, as the journal Science recently asked.  This is a chance to discuss a topic that is only just getting going in modern research.

Boll SciBar Glossary for Microbiome and health

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