Ancient Culture, Modern Science

Monday 14th March 2011; 6.30 – 8.00pm.

The ancient Egyptians are famous for their pyramids, tombs, and fabulous golden relics, but some of the things they left behind are much more personal – letters, tools, toys and even themselves. Although a great deal has be learned by reading the hieroglyphs on temple walls and papyrus scrolls, modern forensic and medical science can help us to understand how they lived and died on a much more intimate scale. Dr Ryan Metcalfe, a chemist working at the KNH Centre for Biomedical Egyptology at the University of Manchester, will guide you through the array of methods available to modern Egyptologists and how they help us to understand the lives and deaths of the ancient Egyptian people.

This talk is in place of “Egyptian Mummies and Modern Science” by Professor Rosalie David whose talk last November was postponed due to ill health.

Egyptian mummy

Boll SciBar Glossary for Egyptology Science

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