Toxic dinosaurs and blue-sky frontiers

Dinosaurs are often seen as a passport into science for educators. Their universal appeal has yielded much in what mainstream researchers perceive as ‘blue-sky’ science, with outcomes offering little relevance to 21st century life. This is changing with the advent of multidisciplinary analyses of fossils, that will undoubtedly have a major impact on both present and future generations.

‘Dino detective’ Phil Manning recently filmed a ‘Jurassic CSI’ series for National Geographic. The six episodes showcased the application of new technologies and methods to vertebrate palaeontology, challenging long-held assumptions and posing radical questions about our understanding of dinosaurs. You can see some impressive video clips and photos from the series here.

For more infromation on Dr. Manning’s Palaeontology Research Group visit their blog here.

Boll SciBar Glossary for Dinosaurs talk

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