Lindow Man and Worsley Man: Northwest Bog Bodies

Bryan Sitch, Curator of Archaeology at Manchester Museum, will tell us about the efforts of archaeologists, historians, forensic scientists and museum curators to answer questions about the violent deaths of the Iron age man preserved in a peat bog at Lindow Moss near Wilmslow and the preserved head found at Chat Moss near Worsley, and how they are connected with bog bodies found elsewhere in North Western Europe.

Lindow Man is Britain’s best-preserved bog body, and one of Britain’s most famous archaeological discoveries. Staff at Manchester Museum helped to recover the body in 1984 and although the body is now on permanent display at the British Museum, Lindow Man has returned three times to Manchester Museum. The 2008–09 Manchester display, titled “Lindow Man: A Bog Body Mystery Exhibition at the Manchester Museum”, won the category “Best Archaeological Innovation” in the 2010 British Archaeological Awards.

The preserved head of Worsley Man was disovered in a Salford peat bog in 1958, and his injuries have recently been investigated in much greater detail than ever before. Bryan Sitch will tell us how the research on bog bodies can shed light on how these men died and why their bodies were put in the bog.

Bollington SciBar Handout for Lindow Man

Event starts 6.30 pm at The Vale Inn, Adlington Road, Bollington. Arrive early to get a seat. As always, anyone from Junior School age onwards is very welcome. You don’t need to be an expert. Just bring an inquisitive mind!

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