Making the journal Science accessible for science education

I saw this announcement on a maiing list and thought it might be of interest to SciBarians.

Bruce Alberts, the editor in chief of the journal Science, would like as many people as possible working in science education to know about this new development.

As of September 2012, “Science in the Classroom,” a new educational resource from Science, is available in beta form, as part of a new open access website that also contains other recent education content from Science magazine (see

“Science in the Classroom” will consist of a collection of annotated research papers and accompanying teaching materials designed to help students at the advanced high school, community college, and undergraduate level understand the structure and workings of professional scientific research.  Currently three Science papers have been annotated (topics: ecology, chemistry, developmental biology) and are ready for use in the classroom.

Each annotated Science paper contains a “Learning Lens,” which is used to selectively highlight different parts of the original text of the research article, including a scroll over glossary.  Additionally, an educational scaffold containing an expanded explanation of the figures, often with a close-up of the relevant section of the figure itself, has been built into each research article.  Discussion questions, additional activities, relevant news articles, and access to raw data provided by the authors also accompany each paper.

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