Skulls, Death and the Dark Ages

Monday 8 April
The Manchester Museum collection has a group of skeletons found during excavations at Heronbridge near Chester in 1930-1. Many of the finds were of Roman date and it was assumed that the skeletons were also Roman. Many of the bones show injuries from swords and axes, especially on the men’s skulls. The men’s death under violent circumstances was originally thought to be caused by Roman cavalry swords.

However, there is good reason to believe that the dead were casualties of the Battle of Chester (c.AD 616) and that they were buried on or close to the battlefield.

Could the skeletons in the Manchester Museum be casualties of the Battle of Chester? Which side were they on?

Bryan Sitch, Deputy Head of Collections and Curator of Archaeology at Manchester Museum who visited us in 2012 to talk about Lindow Man will return to tell us about recent work on the Dark Age skeletons from Heronbridge.

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