8 July 2013
Dr Penny Lewis, a lecturer at Manchester University in the Neuroscience of Aphasia Research Unit will tell us about her research into sleep and the techniques used in the Sleep and Memory Lab to study sleep.

In this talk, I will introduce you to the neural bases of both sleep and memory. Having first given some background on these I will then outline evidence that memories are actually processed during sleep, and can be strengthened as a result. We will talk about the spontaneous reactivation of memories during sleep, how this relates to such strengthening, and where dreams fit into the picture. We will also look at some interesting ideas about harnessing the power of sleep to target specific memories for strengthening.

See the Sleep lab’s website“.

As usual, event starts at 6.30pm, the Vale Inn, Adlington Road. Arrive early to get a good seat. All welcome, no charge.

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