Bollington Festival: Happy 5th Birthday SciBar!

Monday 19 May 2014
Bollington SciBar grew out of a hugely successful series of events during the 2009 Bollington Festival. This will be a double bill of up to-the-minute science for Bollington Scibar’s 5th birthday; same great beer from the Vale Inn, different venue so more people can come!

Ian Wilson will be talking about how advances in analytical chemistry over the last 50 years have resulted in enormous leaps forward in the study of biology and discussing where this is leading us.

Jonathan Swinton will be asking ‘Is there any more maths to find out?’

Both speakers have given two SciBar talks previously (you may remember Jonathan Swinton’s talks on Alan Turing and sunflowers, and on Infinity; Ian Wilson has spoken on Personalised medicine and on the symbiosis of drugs and bugs).

18.30 at Bollington Civic Hall (at the junction of Palmerston Street and Hurst Lane). Bar open from 6pm. Wvenet will run a little later than the usual SciBar due to the double bill.
Free event as part of the Bollington Festival. Sponsored by a grant from the Oglesby Charitable Trust.
As always – arrive early to get a good seat, as this free Festival event is bound to be very popular!

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