Bollington Festival science events

As part of the Bollington Festival the last two weeks in May, there will be plenty of science events including:

* a four-day, free Fab Lab (hands-on activities)
* A night with the stars (with Macclesfield Astronomical Society)
* Vibrations and vegetables: the science of sound (with the London Vegetable Orchestra and science busker David Price)
* A talk by Professor Lord Winston
* A talk on interactive gaming by Professor Robert Stone from Birmingham University
* Seeing the skies with other eyes, a talk by Dr Dave Clements from Imperial College
* A talk on dinosaurs from Dr Phil Manning, Manchester University
* Happy 5th Birthday SciBar (note this is at the Civic Hall, not the Vale Inn)
* an engineering challenge on the recreation ground
* a scientific scarecrow trail.

You can download the full listing of science events at the Bollington Festival BollFestScience_Brochure

Buy tickets online at (note that some events, like Happy 5th Birthday Scibar, the Fab Lab, the engineering challenge and the scientific scarecrow trail are free).

The Festival is run entirely by volunteers. If anyone would like to volunteer to help at any of the science events during the Bollington Festival, please email Could be stewarding / ticket collectors, or if you want to help presenters at the Fab Lab – all welcome – no complicated science to explain, just a willingness to get involved.

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