What would you do with 180,000 computers?

Monday 8 January 2018

Terry Hewitt – Honorary Professor of Computer Science – Bangor University

As part of my career I have been lucky enough to manage some of the most powerful supercomputers in the UK. Powerful equates with expensive – worth £millions and physically very large. In this talk I will explain what a supercomputer is, what they are used for and why they are so important for the economic and scientific development of the UK. I will also cover some of the important aspects of their operation; you won’t believe the size of the electricity bill! We will cover virtual prototypes, digging holes, climate modelling, operating theatres, jet engines, and Pringles.

Terry has been an honorary professor at Bangor University since 2007, and independent consultant since May 2009. He has previously held a number of posts at the University of Manchester culminating in Director of Research Computing and Deputy Director of the Economics & Social Research Council (ESRC) National e-Social Science Centre. He led the specialist IT services supporting scientists and engineers in their research and provided strategic and technical leadership of the IT services at the University. He has been active in the development of e-Science, locally and nationally, including the establishment of the UK National Grid Service and the UK Access Grid Support Centre.

Talk starts 6.30pm, Arrive early to be sure of a seat.
All welcome,no charge

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