Periodic Table scarecrows at Bollington Festival are go!

As part of the Bollington Festival 2019, local primary schools, guide and brownie groups, busiensses and residents have come together to create a Scarecrow Trail throughout the town from 10 to 27 May.

The trail is supported by the Royal Society of Chemistry and celebrates the International Year of the Periodic Table. Each scarecrow represents an element in the Periodic Table. There are scarecrows from hydrogen (atomic number 1), to oganesson (atomic number 118) but not all in between!

The trail is described here, where there is also a map showing the locations of all the scarecrows. Come and find them all! If you’re coming to SciBar or any event in the festival marquee you could start at Bollington Brewery who have created a scarecrow (copper) at the brewery on Adlington Road. There’s also carbon in the beer garden at the Vale Inn, and neon at the Adlington Road playground

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