Future SciBars

Information about upcoming SciBars in Bollington

Monday 10th June
Computers and Computing: a History – Computers are vital to the modern world, but how did we get here? Dr Roger Noble, formerly a software engineer at Jodrell Bank,presents a (mostly) British perspective on the history of Computers.

Monday 8th July
Prof George King, The Photon Science Institute from the University of Manchester, will talk about “Solar Energy – from centre of Sun to your kettle”. Details of the the talk here .

Monday 12th August – Summer Break.

Monday 9th September
The Hubble Telescope – Chris Sweetman from Macclesfield Astronomical Society. Details to follow.

Monday 14th October
Of flies and men: how research on tiny insects revolutionised biology and medicine – Prof Andreas Prokop and Sanjai Patel, Faculty of Biology from the University of Manchester.  Details of the talk here.

Monday 11th November
How the Immune System affects Brain Disease – Prof David Brough, School of Biological Sciences at University of Manchester. Details of the talk here

Monday 16th December – Christmas Break.

Monday 13 January 2020
Seeing sounds: how we make sense of a multisensory world. Talk by Dr Clare Jonas,  former psychology researcher who is now a science communicator. Details of the talk here.

Monday 10 February 2020
Pain: The Art And Science Of Why People Hurt. Talk by David Nolan, Director at Hallamshire Physiotherapy. Details to follow.