Some of our regular SciBar participants prepare these glossaries as an aid to understanding and reflection, for us all. Please note they are written completely independently of our guest speakers.

Artificial photosynthesis

Butterfly wings


Earthquakes (British)

Egyptology – modern research methods

Extraterestrial life

Fibonacci sequences (Alan Turing)


Future energy (Thorium)

(Your) Genome sequenced?


Habitable worlds

Hartree’s differential analyser

Lindow Man

Mass Spectrometry

Meteorites and the early solar system

MRI techniques and how the brain works


Nanotech, lessons from Nature

Nuclear fusion

Nuclear Threats and Opportunities

Physics (quantum)

Personalised Medicine

Science of Seances

(Solar power) Harvesting sunlight: can solar power meet our requirements for a sustainable energy supply?

Stem cells

Can stem cells mend a broken heart?

Symbiosis: bacteria and health

Synthetic biology