We are very grateful to the following speakers who have given up their time to enthuse the Bollington SciBar audience about their subject.

Dr Debbie Alexander, East Cheshire Hospice
Dr Yvonne Alexander, Manchester University
Dr Aileen Allsop, formerly of Astrazeneca
Dr Martyn Amos, Manchester Metropolitan University
Dr Megan Argo, Jodrell Bank Centre for Astrophysics

Professor Chris Ballentine, Manchester University
Professor Roger Barlow, formerly Manchester University now Huddersfield University
Steven Bennett, Starchaser
Dr Tony Bristow, Astrazeneca
Professor Philippa Browning, Manchester University
Prof David Brough, Manchester University
Adrian Bull, National Nuclear Laboratory, Warrington

Professor Terry Callaghan
Dr Alexander Cowan, Stephenson Institute for Renewable Energy, Liverpool University
Hywel Curtis, formerly Exeter University

Dr Angela Davies, University of Manchester
Professor Daniel Davis, University of Manchester
Professor Gary Davis, Square Kilometre Array (Jodrell Bank)
Professor Philip Dawson, University of Manchester
Professor Brian Derby, University of Manchester
Dr Ian Duerdoth, formerly Manchester University

Dr Nicolas Fraser
Professor Jeff Forshaw, Manchester University
Professor Steve Furber, Manchester University

Dr Tomaz Garcez, Immunology Department, Central Manchester University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
Dr Darren Graham, Manchester University
Professor Jamie Gilmour, Manchester University
Neil Glover, Rolls Royce Materials division
Andrew Gray, Manchester Museum
Andrew Greenwood, Macclesfield Astronomy Society

H, J
Andy Hall
Joyce Johnson, AstraZeneca
Dr Clare Jonas

Dr Eamonn Kerins, Manchester University
Professor Sue Kimber, Manchester University#

Dr Penny Lewis, Manchester University
Professor Steve Liddle, University of Manchester
Dr Charles Lindsey, formerly Manchester University
Professor Andrew Loudon, Manchester University

Dr Phil Manning, Manchester University
Dr Ryan Metcalfe, Manchester University
Professor Ian Morison, Jodrell Bank
Mike Morris, Waters Corporation
Dr Conway Mothobi, Manchester Metropolitan University

Lindsay Ness, Environmental Agency

Professor Paul O’Brien, Manchester University
Matthew O’Donnell, Manchester Museum
Dr Hywel Owen, Manchester University

Mr Sanjai Patel, Unversity of Manchester
Ed Pilkington, Cheshire East Rangers
Professor Andreas Prokop, Unversity of Manchester

Professor Andrew Read, Manchester University
Professor Chris Reid, Marine Institute, University of Plymouth
Dr Kate Riddington

Dr Clive Saunders, Manchester University
Bryan Sitch, Manchester Museum
Professor Benjamin Stappers, Manchester University
Dr Ian Stimpson, Keele University
Jonathan Stone, University of East Anglia
Chris Sweetman, Macclesfield Astronomical Society
Dr James Sumner, University of Manchester
Professor Jonathan Swinton, University of Oxford

Dr John Thomas, Manchester University
John Thompson, Macclesfield
Dr Phil Turner, formerly Astrazeneza

Dr Aravind Vijayaraghavan, University of Manchester
Dr Rishma Vidyasagar, University of Manchester

Dr Richard Waller, Keele University
Ian Watson, retired clinical toxicologist
Pete Webb
Dr Ian Wilson, formerly AstraZeneca Uk plc, now Department of Surgery and Cancer, Imperial College London